Thursday, April 18, 2013


I felt that I needed a little more control and info during brewing, so I cut a couple more holes in the control box to accommodate another RTD connection, another PID, and a buzzer with a switch. It was pretty cool that just as I got done cutting out the square for the PID the mail arrived, and in the mail was the new PID!!

Now I just have to wait for the switch and buzzer to arrive, unfortunately they are coming from china so it may be another week or two.

Some other upgrades include another pump which will serve to recirculate the liquid inside the HLT/brew pot to keep temps even and aid in whirl pooling during the cooling process. I also need to install the RTD probe into the pot. So that means another 3 holes in the brew pot!! That will make 6. I haven't done that yet so pics of that later.
Once done, I'll be able to brew another batch with or without the buzzer and switch.
That's it for now


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