Wednesday, February 20, 2013

IPA is bubbling nicely!!

The IPA is doing nicely so far. I am sure it would probably be a steady stream of bubbles if I were using an airlock instead of a blow off tube. The last beer made a mess so I kept the blowoff on there.

Brewed Today!!!

Got some time to brew today....and made an IPA. Things went pretty smoothly, although I wasn't able to use the new system yet since I needed a new part for the pump.

I didn't quite hit my marks for the efficiency, but it will be OK.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Box is Done!

Finally got the control box all wired up. The false bottom (mesh pizza tray) has arrived, now I just need to add some bolts or something else to elevate it above the heating element.

I had to re-order the thermal probe as I wasn't paying attention when I ordered it and got one with metric threads instead of NPT. and lastly, I need to wire up an outlet to hook it all into, which means I need to figure out "where" I want to do my brewing.

Unfortunately I'm sitting at the dealership getting the wife's car fixed so I have some time to kill. :-((

Saturday, February 9, 2013

More Work Done on the Control Box

Check out the pics.....I have all the parts, the box has been painted, and I'm getting it wired. I'll have to send the probe back, as I got it with metric threading instead of npt.

Ordered an aluminum mesh pizza tray that will fit perfectly into the bottom of the pot that I will use for my false bottom. Once I have that and the new npt probe I'll be ready to brew.....assuming all my wiring is correct and I don't fry myself!!!